Twitter is one of the best things that happened on the Internet. Ever since the Social networking cum Micro-blogging site emerged in 2006, it has been growing in a tremendous way marking more than 200 million registered users as 2011, tweeting more than 200 million tweets per day. The figures certainly contribute in making twitter one of the ten most visited sites of the present time.

The Twitter Empire has expanded in such a fashion they have their own glossary of twitter terms. This might seem as an abuse to the English language but thanks to the Twitosphere, it has been well accepted as Twitterspeak.

Here, I present you with 40 twitter terms that are really interesting and worth having a look:


twitter: Starting with “twitter” itself, it is an online social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters

tweet(ing): Act of posting a message on twitter

tweeter: A twitter user or a person who tweet

tweets: A collection of posts on Twitter

twittering: Sending a Twitter message

twype: Typing a Twitter message

twead: Reading your tweets

tweeps/tweeples: A cluster of friends on Twitter

twadd: An act of adding someone as your friend

twaggle: A group of people who follow you on twitter / followers

twaffic: Traffic on Twitter

twactor: Someone who impersonates another person on Twitter

twittworking: Networking with other Twitter users

twixt and tween: Not able to decide who or what to tweet

tweeterbox: Someone who Tweets too much

twitterrhea: the act of sending too many Twitter messages

twoosh: A full 140 character Twitter message

twitterific: Something awesome related to Twitter

twittectomy: The act of un-following someone on Twitter

tweetard: Someone acting like an idiot on Twitter

twittfessional: A confession made on Twitter

twaiting: Twittering while waiting for something

twittcrastination: Using Twitter to procrastinate

twitterstream: The Twitter timeline

twurve:y A survey conducted over Twitter

twittonary: Dictionary of twitter terminology

twitosphere: Community of twitterers

tweet-back: Bringing a previous tweet conversation or reference back into the current conversation

tweepish: Feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted.

tweekend: Spending your entire Saturday and Sunday reading and posting via Twitter

twebay: Putting something up for sale on Twitter

tweetheart: A Twitter sweetheart

Dweet / Mistweet: A tweet sent unknowingly

twalking: To tweet while walking

twapplications: Twitter applications and Twitter mashups

twitterphobe: Someone who is fearful or reluctant to join Twitter

twitticisms: Witty or funny tweets

tweetup: when twitterers meet in person – a Twitter meet up

tweetaholic: someone addicted to Twitter, so much so that it may be an actual problem

twitterati: A-list twitterers

twerminology: Lingo used on Twitter

These are only a few twitterspeak to list. If you thought all the twitterspeak starts with ‘t’, don’t keep yourself at bay and get yourself the whole list at twictionary and twittonary

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