Following great response in our Tips and Tricks for Facebook Chat (Save History/ Video Chat/ Send Files), we noticed a large number of users searched for facebook smileys or facebook arts for their facebook statuses or comments. So, we decided to dedicate a whole post of common symbols and signs that can be easily added in facebook/twitter statuses. Just copy these symbols and paste them in your status.

At the end of this post, you can also find some extra resources with awesome facebook ASCII Arts and Symbols. Be sure to check them too.


Dollar Sign $ Cent ¢
Mill Sign Euro
Franc Pound £
Rial Sign Yen Sign ¥
Baht Sign ฿ Rupee Sign
Won Sign Drachma Sign

Tags: currency, money

Zodiac Sun Sign:

Taurus Gemini
Cancer Leo
Virgo Libra
Scorpio Sagittarius
Capricorn Aquarius
Pisces Aries

Tags: zodiac, sun sign

Chess Symbols:

Tags: chess game, chess symbols

Card Game Symbols:

Tags: hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds

Religion Symbols:

Tags: hindu, muslim, christian, sikh

Hand Symbols:

Tags: up, down, left, right

Stars, Moon & Sun Symbols:

Tags: sun, moon, stars, twinkle, sky

Ticks and Crosses:

Tags: tick, wrong, cross, false, check


Tags: arrows, arrow, way, direction

Random Symbols:

Tags: pencil, pen, scissors, cloud, face, emotion

Here are some extra resources for more facebook smileys and ASCII Arts.

Extra Resources:

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